What You Don’t Have to Do on Social Media

So you’ve started accounts in key social media

What you shouldn’t – or don’t have to do

  •  It’s not a must to have accounts on all platforms. Choose the key ones, with the most relevant crypto audience, and do the maximum activity to gain investors’ attention and to create a big supportive community.
  •  If you decided to have accounts on multiple social platforms, prioritize – and spread your time and resources accordingly. At the same time, all accounts require some sort of commitment. Don’t abandon your official accounts anywhere – choose the frequency of updates, work with all comments and questions, and keep your accounts live, especially during the token sale.
  •  Just a few months ago ICOs were launching some accounts only for paid social activity. However, now the ads on Facebook or Twitter are not as effective as they were. So if advertisement is your only purpose to create an account, think again – or talk to the experienced social media specialists who already worked with token sales.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what else you can do on social platforms. Stay tuned – and send the link to @Yoken to your social media managers!


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