Investors on Social Media

We already mentioned that social media is a good source of quality traffic for your ICO ( and outlined some must-have channels ( Let’s talk a bit more about how exactly social media add up to your project’s success.

Do social media drive conversions?

According to our stats, a potential investor has to see your ICO’s tokens at least 5 times before buying. Most of these impressions happen on social media – on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Medium or BitcoinTalk. Social channels do not drive direct conversions, such as “seen, clicked, bought.” However, they definitely work on hype and trust around them.

What else?

Social networks are an important platform to create your community. Its members can turn into your investors, ambassadors – or trolls, if anything goes wrong.

Key takeaways

  •  Talk to your community in social media daily. Tell them about your project, updates and achievements – that way you show the actual work and increase the investors’ trust.
  •  Listen to your community – they can catch a lot of flaws early and prompt some good ideas.

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