Google Search for Bitcoin Hit Record in 2017

What happened

The number of searches for Bitcoin-related keywords on Google hit the record in 2017 – monthly search volume for ‘bitcoin price’ increased on average 1000% if compared to 2016.

Why is it important

Google search volume is a good indicator of trends in online search – and a showcase of potential traffic opportunities. Other keyword groups related to bitcoin – some reaching 1-10 million monthly searches – showed the same trend. ‘Bitcoin chart’ searches increased by 934%, and ‘bitcoin USD’ added over 800% year on year.

Did all Bitcoin words grow that fast?

Surprisingly, no. ‘Bitcoin mining’ increased by 33.6%, ‘bitcoin exchange’ by 17.5%, and ‘bitcoin wallet’ only by 0.9%. Perhaps, the reason is that those keywords already had a high search volume in 2016, so the relative growth was not that major.

What can we learn from it

  • Well, firstly – that bitcoin keywords and, even more importantly, content which is relevant both to a given business and bitcoin industry – can drive traffic to the website.
  •  It’s another number to put behind the claims of a Bitcoin mass adoption.

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