Recap: Checklists for an ICO Launch

Wrapping up the post-holiday rewind, we picked up the essence of our 2017 tips – a few checklists to review your ICO before the launch.

When to start your marketing

Try to kick off at least 2-3 months before the actual ICO date. The less time you leave, the more is the risk to fail. How to get the most of that time?

SMM checklist

What exactly should be ready BEFORE you announce your ICO? Plan your time and resources well. Let’s start with social media.

PR checklist

PR cornerstones for an ICO are almost the same as the ones for a usual startup or IT product PR. However, PR for an ICO has much less time and needs more creativity to pitch.

Core texts checklist

We have listed some must-have texts to prepare before launching an ICO – use them wisely!


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