Crypto Mix&Mash

Did you miss our quirky and fun news selection from all over the world? Your weekly crypto news digest – the first in 2018 - is here!

Spicy Bitcoin Bucket

Fast food is indeed fast – including Bitcoin adoption! If you are in Canada, stop by KFC to try the Bitcoin Bucket, a new menu item to be bought only with BTC.

BaaS from China

From Canada – to China! Baidu, the Chinese internet company, has launched its own blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform.

Voice for Crypto

And while we’re still in Asia – how about some Japanese pop? A music group known as the ‘Virtual Currency Girls’ hope to educate people about cryptocurrency.

Crypto in Messenger

While users in Japan might still need some guidance on crypto, local companies are in fact embracing it. Line, Japan’s most popular messenger, is in talks to integrate cryptocurrencies into its mobile payment service, Line Pay.

Rise of the Exchange Accounts Sale

Demand drives the supply, they say. While a number of crypto exchanges either stop taking new registrations, or take weeks to process applications, a market for people selling “fully verified” accounts is on the rise.


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