Crypto Goes Charity

Winter holidays are here! Best time to sit back, relax and enjoy reading through some quality crypto news. On Boxing day, let’s talk about good deeds.

$1M in Bitcoins for Internet Archive

Holiday spirit is definitely in the air! Pineapple Fund, a Bitcoin-only charity foundation, has donated $1M in Bitcoins to the Internet Archive. But even if you don’t have millions, you still can do some good with your crypto assets…
Source: Cointelegraph

15 Ways To Donate Bitcoin

Here’s a handy list of charitable efforts and causes accepting Bitcoin this year. And if that’s not enough, see one more below…

Crypto Charity Auction

How about doing a good deed and getting something nice in exchange? Bidding on crypto charity auction by TokenStars, you can get some exclusive items from celebrities and donate to the charities of their choice.
Source: Bitcoinchaiser


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