Pre-Xmas Crypto Mix&Mash

Last day to Christmas! Here’s our little gift to you – all last-minute crypto news in one place.

Bitcoin and Divorce

However, if you follow the previous advice, give some BTC to your spouse and then decide to split up, that would be an issue. What happens to your bitcoin when you break up?

Telegram and Its Cryptocurrency

Telegram messenger will launch “The Open Network”, its own Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. Wow. Just wow!
Source: Cointelegraph

Sex with Bitcoin Fluctuations

Worried about BTC going down? To add a little more excitement to following the crypto price charts, a porn firm called, Camsoda, offers an interactive sex toy that reacts with the price changes of Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

Belarus ICO Heaven

To finish on a bright side, Belarus – that little country not far away from Russia – legalized cryptocurrencies and ICOs, and all tax-free for the next five years!

Enjoy your Christmas weekend!


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