How To Get Your Copywriting Right

A great copywriter, or writing editor, or both can boost your communications with all sorts of audiences. Use a professional copywriter for your website and White Paper wording, social media posts, official Medium blog, press releases and opinion articles.

Freelance or in-house?

That’s really your choice – think of available resources and your actual needs. Consider this: an in-house copywriter will always be at your disposal and will dig deeper in your ideas, but the retainer will be hefty.

Freelancers might have more experience with writing specifically for ICOs and sometimes can charge you on ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. However, don’t count on exclusivity: a good crypto copywriter is now in high demand and might work on a few projects at the same time.

Where do I find one?

Engage your networking skills. Browse some recent ICOs done by someone you know, select the ones with the most appealing tone of voice, and ask for contacts. If you are in PR and know a few tech or finance journalists, talk to them – you’ll be surprised!

  • Even if you had all A’s in languages at school, you’ll still need a writer. Firstly, because it’s better to use professionals. Secondly, trust us – you won’t have time for that yourself.
  • When choosing between a freelancer and an in-house specialist, consider your resources and needs.
  • Don’t waste time on freelancers’ marketplaces – use your networking skills to find your star.

Team Play: How to Work with Copywriters

Before you let your perfect writer all-in and even throw in some tokens, prepare the grounds. It will save you both time – and money.

Where do I start?

Get your tech essentials ready:

  1. Task board. Trello, Wrike, Slack – whatever you prefer, most tools offer free options for the small groups.
  2. Shared folder. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive – again, whatever you like. Make sure that both you and your writer have a full access to it – and make it a rule to save and edit any texts there.
  3. Scope of work. Be detailed and realistic: if you put 2 blog posts, 50 social media posts and 1 press release per week, you will get exactly that. Forget about “by the way, we also need some columns and WP proofreading, can you do it real quick?” Professional copywriters plan their time at least a week in advance and in most cases can’t squeeze in your ‘by the way’ s.
  4. Tone of voice.
  5. Communication channel and approval procedure. Telegram or Slack, color coding or ‘seal of approval’ – make it quick and efficient. Preferably – make one person in your team responsible for approving all texts.

What else to consider?

Copywriter is not your typing human machine. Creating a meaningful and punchy text takes some time and inspiration. So don’t expect a perfect press release done in half an hour before sending.

Creative work will fully reflect the brief. If you need some core messages, names, links and insights to be in your Twitter post or an opinion piece, spend some time on a detailed brief to get a nice result really quick.


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