Apple Removes Fake MEW Wallet After It Reached Top-3

What happened

Apple has finally removed a fake MyEtherWallet app from App Store after it got into position 3 among finance apps and collected $15K from users.

How did that happen?

Whether iPhone sales took all Apple’s attention before Christmas, or app editors went holiday shopping, somehow a fake MyEtherWallet found its way to the App Store. Creators even charged the users $4.99 – in comparison to the free desktop version.

Did Apple react immediately?

Not quite. Social media buzz began three days ago. The creators of real MyEtherWallet said in a tweet that they asked Apple to remove a fake one. It took Apple almost two days to respond. Not before 3000 people downloaded it.

What can we learn from it?

  • Be careful. Especially if you are new to cryptocurrencies. Before you start downloading or registering any wallets, look around and check the reviews. There is internet, you know.
  • Look out for danger signs. If the wallet app is paid, or doesn’t ask to complete KYC before purchase, or promises “0% commission, only today” – all of that are the signs to think twice.
  • Even the “good” wallets are not invincible. Don’t help the hackers – always make sure you have unique passwords and reliable access methods.

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