Salaries in Bitcoin? It’s a Reality in Japan

What happened

GMO Group, a Japanese internet company, will pay its employees part of their salaries in Bitcoin starting February next year.

Lucky them! How many people work there?

Bitcoin payments will be available to the members of GMO Internet Co. Ltd team, which has 4700+ employees. Over time, the option will be extended to the whole group.

And how will it work? BTC rate is jumping like crazy!

Employees can opt in to get between 10K and 100K yen ($88-$881) of their salary in Bitcoin. Each payment in yen will be reduced by the number of Bitcoin paid based on the rate at the GMO Coins exchange.

What can we learn from it

  • We saw that coming. And we agree from GMO (who have their own crypto trading platform and plan a mining business) that it is important to improve the virtual currency literacy among employees.
  • The only things we are curious about is which company in the U.S. will follow – and which company will opt in the full crypto salary first.

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