Crypto Mix&Mash

We know you’re waiting for it the whole week… Secretly hoping to tell some quirky news on Saturday drinks or a Sunday brunch… Your weekly crypto news digest is here!

Winklevoss Luck

Sure those guys weren’t too lucky with Facebook. But crypto world treats them well – on a wave of Bitcoin frenzy, Winklevoss twins became the first official Bitcoin billionaires.
Source: Cointelegraph

Rolls-Royce for Bitcoin

Looks like everyone wants some Bitcoin nowadays – a guy from Manchester is eager to sell his Gold Rolls-Royce Ghost, but only for cryptocurrency. Perhaps, Winklevoss guys might be interested?
Source: Cointelegraph

Investors, Beware

Many ICOs have stopped (or considered stopping) raising money in December in fears that people are holding on to their crypto assets. Maybe it’s a good time to prepare better – the recent study shows that the majority of ICOs do not provide adequate info to investors. Don’t be like them!

Bitcoin for Speeding

Got stopped by police? If you are in South Africa, you can pay your ticket with Bitcoin. Make sure you don’t overpay – those days, while the officer writes the check, your fine might double…

$10M on Kitties

Remember we told you about this new game, CryptoKitties, which slowed down the whole Ethereum network? Well, the users already spent over $10M on kitties. And what did you do this week?
Source: TechRepublic

Hope that’s enough to keep you amuzed today – stay with us to hear more!


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