How to get ready for a video interview on YouTube: Part 2

So a vlogger is already inspired to do an interview with your CEO, and you have all the tech basics covered. Now it’s time to get your speaker ready.

How to prepare for the interview?

Expertise, confidence, charm and inspiration – here is a success formula for your speaker. Usually CEOs have it all, but that’s not it. Do you know how long it took Steve Jobs to get ready for presentations? Hours of non-stop rehearsing. For the fast-paced ICO projects spending many hours on each interview is a luxury, of course. However, 1-2 hours of focused preparations will pay off.

What to rehearse?

  1. Before you start, make your speaker familiar with the vlogger’s work – show the best videos, run through the bio, achievements and interests. There is a chance they share the same passion whether it’s diving, TV series or single-malt whiskies.
  2. If possible, organize a demo call. It will give you a chance to test all tech systems and prevent any fails. Also, going through the initial stress of talking to a vlogger, your speaker will feel much more confident and will deliver the pitch with all the energy and passion.

How to speak?

Not too fast and not too slow. Smile, but in appropriate context. In any case, it’s better to practice a “smiley” voice – it sounds more clearly and appealing.

What to say?

In a 10-min interview, you need to squeeze all the info which is relevant for investors and prompts them to put more on the table. Say the main thing in the beginning and repeat at the end. Here are some key checkpoints to cover:

  1. project’s name, dates of pre-sale and ICO;
  2. “elevator pitch” – your idea and what’s unique about it;
  3. how big is the market and how much your project will earn;
  4. team, their real success and achievements;
  5. business model and MVP;
  6. key benefits for token holders;
  7. post-ICO roadmap;
  8. token sale dates again, call to visit your website and social media.

How to check a video?

Fact-checking is a key. Every date and number should be accurate. This is the time and place to ask a vlogger to make amendments if needed. Personal comments and evaluations are up to the channel owner – even if he or she criticizes your project, investors might still like it. Personal opinions often gain more attention.

What else?

While negotiating with a vlogger, discuss the video descriptions and link placement.

Admins often place a channel description straight after the video. Be soft, but firm: you need your full project description and a link to be visible on the first screen, without any extra clicks.

  • Create a UTM link – that way you’ll be able to estimate the return on your costs and time.
  • Insist on hashtags and provide a list of keywords which are popular on YouTube and relevant to your project.
  • If you target English-speaking audience and your video is in other language, add a description, keywords and subtitles in English. That will make your video searchable on ENG YouTube and will give you a chance to promote your video via ENG accounts on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to remind the subscribers to turn on subtitles!

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