How to work with vloggers

You thought that you can get away with crypto media, forums and Telegram channels? Well, no. Popular YouTube channels score tens and hundreds of thousands of views for videos about ICO and blockchain projects. Your goal is to engage the audience and convert the viewers into token holders.

How to strike a deal with vloggers?

Vloggers, just like crypto media and Telegram admins, ask for a payment in cryptocurrency or fiat. Try to agree on full or partial payment in tokens. Top notch – to turn vloggers into your ambassadors and engage them into your referral program. Remember our tip on working with bloggers?

Where to find those vloggers?

If you don’t have a contact base, try searching on YouTube. Type in your keywords like ICO, blockchain, Bitcoin and/or a few names of successful ICOs. Look out for contact in ‘Ábout’ section.

After you reached a deal with a vlogger, it’s time to decide on a format.

ICO review

The easiest to arrange. You provide vloggers with all the details, and they do their job – you need just to check.

Interview with CEO

A bit more challenging, but a far more promising format in terms of gaining investors’ trust. Inspirational CEO can better pitch his or her project than any vlogger can ever do.

Native ads

Some vloggers are so good at integrating your ICO brand into their videos that no one can tell it’s an ad. Although UTM links even here are a must.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether you have a review or an interview, keep it short. 5-7 minutes is your sweet spot.
  • To avoid critical mistakes, provide each vlogger with a full fact list and key messages. Sure, you have it all on your website and in the White Paper. Spend some time and create a one-pager for your own good.
  • While putting together a brief, don’t push too hard – give a vlogger some space for creativity based on your messages.
  • Don’t insist on reading your pre-written text aloud. Your marketing slogans coming from a vlogger will sound just wrong.
  • Don’t make a vlogger correct the video, if there are no crucial mistakes. A little bit of critics only increase the trust.

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