NASDAQ To Start Trading Bitcoin Futures in 2018

What happened

NASDAQ, one of the world’s largest stock exchanges, will start trading Bitcoin futures by the middle of 2018.

Are they the first?

Most likely, they won’t be. CME Group and Cboe are set to introduce Bitcoin futures by the year’s end.

Why is it important

Known as one of the most tech equity-friendly exchanges, NASDAQ is the place where the stocks of Apple, Google and Facebook are trading. If Bitcoin futures come to NASDAQ, it will mark the mainstream adoption of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and will drive its price further up.

What can we learn from it

  • Access to Bitcoin futures rather than Bitcoin itself already sounds attractive for the big banks and other institutional investors. Adding NASDAQ brand behind them puts another tick.
  • Cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S. is not the easiest one: crypto assets are not banned but are considered as securities. On the one hand, that translates Bitcoin and other digital currencies into investor-familiar terms, driving the adoption. On the other, it feels like regulating cryptocurrencies as securities contradicts the decentralized nature of the former.

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