Bounty: a Must-Have for an ICO

Bounty campaigns are a must-have even in the high-budget ICO marketing.

Where does bounty come from

Bounty campaigns were initially a low-cost tool for an ICO promotion. They helped to find translators for the websites and White Papers, native speakers for the threads on Bitcointalk, Reddit and local social media managers – all for tokens.

And now?

Now bounty campaigns are a must-have even in the high-budget ICO marketing. Crypto community likes to have a part in the campaign, especially if there is a chance to get paid. Over time, the effectiveness of bounty has dropped – crypto enthusiasts join dozens of campaigns and put less effort. But if an ICO doesn’t do a bounty, they get such a negative feedback that no one would want.

So we need a bounty. How to do it?

  1. First option – hire a bounty campaign manager. They have an expertise, but most likely does a few campaigns at the same time – everyone wants to make money.
  2. Another option – do the bounty in-house. A team member is deeply engaged, but might lack experience. As bounty is one of the key processes, we recommend to take control and keep it close.

Ok. Where do we start?

Estimate your resources. If you are doing well, order professional translation and proofreading. Bounty-based translations are only slightly better than Google Translate. But if you are short with money, you are left with bounty hunters.

How to use bounty hunters?

  • If Facebook and Twitter resonate with your strategy, bounty hunters can quickly upscale the fresh accounts. Shares, likes and retweets will make your channels look active.
  • Bounty in Reddit, Steemit and smaller cryptoforums will give you a bare minimum presence. Better than nothing, especially if there is not enough time and resources.
  • Bounty campaign for translating Bitcointalk threads to less popular languages serves the same goal – covering your back where your team can’t spend time on.

How to ensure the quality

  • Number of bounty hunters. Not a 100, and not a 500. For a good bounty, you’ll need around 2,5-4K participants. For example, Pundi X who now finalize a pre-sale have over 7K of bounty hunters.
  • By the way, we found a place to buy their tokens like a whale. If you are greedy and don’t mine cryptocurrency like whales, take a look at Tokenator.
  • Transparency of rules and fair play. No one needs ex-bounty haters – it’s quite easy to earn them with messy rules and mistakes in counting. Bounty rage is quickly spreading across all channels – and it doesn’t look good. We all remember Propy case. On the other hand, accuracy and timely support will be praised by bounty hunters.
  • High-quality content campaign. It’s often overlooked – and it shouldn’t be. A good content campaign allows to get hundreds of publications and video reviews in various languages. Quite a valuable tool – give it a try!

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