Open Door Day: Microsoft Opens Blockchain to U.S. Government

What happened

Microsoft announced Azure Government Secret – a service for the government agencies to better use cloud computing.

Why is it important

One – it’s interesting how vendors adapt to security demands. To work with U.S. government, Microsoft had to “isolate” a few data centers, pass a number of certifications and employ U.S. citizens with special clearance to operate the facilities.
Two – while cryptocurrencies are somehow a headache for officials, they seem to be ok with blockchain. U.S. State Department cited blockchain as a way to reduce inefficiencies – including the ones with processing classified data.

Will Microsoft launch the product globally?

Not for now. Government Secret is so far limited only to U.S. agencies.

What can we learn from it

  • The most sensitive government data could soon be secured on a blockchain
  • Officials look for a solution to prevent fraud and waste. While it’s an open opportunity for blockchain protocol developers, security requirements are challenging.
  • With supporters of Microsoft’s scale, we can expects new government blockchain applications to come.

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