Telegram: Nothing Personal, Just Business

Telegram: Nothing Personal, Just Business

Telegram: Nothing Personal, Just Business

Didn’t get scared by the price points for promo in Telegram channels (well, you don’t have a choice – traffic is king)? Then brace yourself – we are going to admins. You will never find out their real names, never see their faces, but will send hundreds and thousands of dollars to their anonymous wallets.

Where do I start?

Reach out only when you have everything at hand. No point in advance negotiations – they want to know your project straightaway, get prepaid, and place your promo in their content plan. And yes, crypto channels have content plans! Be ready to wait a few days or even weeks to get posted.

What do I tell them?

Make a short pitch. No TL, DR – they won’t read it or just glance across, which is worse. You can try to pitch all your know-hows, but we advise to bet on your team. Give a link to your website and Telegram chat, as well as Forbes or equal coverage. It won’t bring the price down, but can save you from refusal.

Why shall I work with channels?

We suggest placing paid posts in channels, because:

A channel feed is updated less frequently, so the post might stay in top-3 for a few days.

It’s easy to find out bot-filled chats – simply compare the audience and reach.

The weak side of Telegram channels are feedback options. You can still use some voting tools, but the lack of likes and comments is kinda demotivating.

So what do I do in chats?

Enjoy talking to people! Although if you plan ad buying, we recommend to go for a pinned post. It’s the only chance to get noticeable results. The funny part is that the more people – real people – are in the chat, the more expensive is the ad. But the more active is the chat, the less chances for attention you have. Your post becomes obsolete in hours – if not minutes.

What are the key takeaways?

Ask for discount – but not in the first pitch! Offer your tokens as a part or full payment. But don’t be pushy – that might get you banned.

Agree on the exact posting date and time (better morning or evening prime time)

Place a referral link to your website and/or a Telegram channel/chat link. Track the results and use them in campaign planning.

Channels work better for promotion.

To increase visibility in chats, buy pinned posts

Chats work better for the feedback – initiate the dialogue!


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