Entering Crypto: Forget All You Knew About PR

Forget All You Knew About PR



It’s flattering to see your name in Forbes. But in terms of ROI it becomes bittersweet. After doing a few ICOs we learned – your investors read other media. Crypto websites might look creepy and alike and might have low traffic – but they are your golden mine.  

So I just forget about normal PR?

Most crypto media are like a year old at best, but they act Wild, Wild West. Any publication with brand name will be an “ad”, no matter how big of an expert you are or how successful your business is. They try to squeeze money of ICO news. Any ICO. And a lot of money.

How much?

The price tag won’t include a number of zeros only in one case – if it’s in BTC. Be ready to pay – and a lot. For example, one press release posting will cost you 1.5 BTC.

Hmmm. What else?

Forget about traditional PR-journalist relations. Crypto media quite often:

Ignore your “contact us” emails. Try to find someone in person via your network, social media or even Google.

Talk anonymously.

Ask for a big pre-pay to a crypto-wallet before posting anything.

What and how to publish?

Most media have fixed formats and prices – news, review, interview, or opinion feature. Choose the right option at the right moment of your ICO. There is one bonus – when you pay, you can choose how to create your piece: yourself or by the staff writers.

How to cut the costs?

Ask for discounts – usually there are some for multiple publications or for a package of formats. For example, one piece in Forklog costs 1.5 BTC, two – 2 BTC, 4 – 2.5 BTC plus a mini announcement as a bonus. Expensive? Yes, but not that bad.

Key takeaways

Don’t waste time on writing all your articles – prices normally include copywriter’s costs. You’ll get a fresh view and an ad-clear credible text.

Read and edit until you are happy with the piece – but before it becomes obsolete.

Don’t be shy to negotiate – if you don’t need a Facebook announcement, ask to replace is with a Telegram one.

Add referral links and evaluate the results of each publication.

Trust us – it’s worth it. For us, one minor press release turned into 52% target conversion rate!


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