How to Show off on Medium and LinkedIn

How to Show off on Medium and LinkedIn

So now I need Medium, too? What for?

Medium is a decent blogging platform – and it’s arguably easier to start compared to WordPress or Blogger. Use it to quickly create your blog – and Medium functionality will help you with design and distribution.

What do I post?

Go deep into details. Publish your press releases, post interviews with founders and advisors, explain your platform and business model, and share the expertise. Or – create a valuable response to Medium Top Stories.

Any additional value from that?

Add a link to your website or “Follow me” images at the end of your story and link them to your social media profiles.

Ok. And how to make sure my story is seen?

Here are a few tips:

To increase your chances to stand out, post regularly – and Saturday morning is a must!

Add a link to your blog to your website and repost stories in other social media accounts.

Use images (hint: the bigger and better quality, the better)

Add up to 5 relevant tags and optimize your title, URL and description in settings.

Keep it over 400 words, but under 7 min read

Do an outreach – contact the relevant publications with your story

And why exactly do I need LinkedIn? I thought it is for job search.

Surprise – LinkedIn has business profiles! It’s the first checkpoint to see if your project is legit. LinkedIn is your key channel for:

 pitching investors

 attract advisors,

 or to poach talent.

Think of it as of your business card – a bonus point to your credibility.

What do I post?

First and foremost – fill in your profile. Punchy business line, full contact details will all add up.

Post company news, offer special deals, show your expertise with tips, share relevant links with market news and opinion pieces, and – most importantly – announce your job openings.

Any options to show off?


LinkedIn Polls – use to ask questions and use the brains of your target audience

LinkedIn Answers – answer questions and share your knowledge

LinkedIn Groups – participate in discussions or start your own!

Recommendations – ask your advisors and investors for testimonials.

Think I got it. More tips?

Post on business days – morning and lunchtime are your sweet spots

Ask team members and advisors to add your business in their profiles

Optimize your page for search with keywords.


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