Indian Summer: Car Sharing Startup Adopted Bitcoin Ahead of Uber

What happened

Drivezy, an Indian car sharing startup backed by Y Combinator, raised $10M investment – and used a part of it to start accepting bitcoins.

Why is it important?

Well, we kinda expected such move from a bigger players like Zipcar – or even Uber or Lyft. But it seems like a startup with operations in just 4 Indian cities can beat them to crypto market. The funny thing is that Drivezy (which, of course, has ICO in the pipeline) is partly funded by Japanese and American firms.

Does that mean that Uber is off the picture?

Not quite yet. In August, Uber picked up a new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who is a big Bitcoin fan. Under his rule, Expedia started accepting Bitcoins. It just looks like that he has more on his shoulders now than cryptocurrency trials.

What can we learn from it

  • Smaller companies are more flexible to accept cryptocurrencies for payment
  • Although for mass adoption, big players must join – and that depends on whether the regulators support them.

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