Scam Shall Not Pass: Singapore Startup Will Find Legit ICOs for Investors

What happened

Astronaut, an independent blockchain research platform from Singapore, now aims to help investors to avoid ICO scams. And – of course – raises money through its own ICO.

Kinda surface-floating idea. Why no one did it before?

Because not many people have real expertise in analysing ICO market. Astronaut has Picolo Research, a blockchain research service with over 10,000 members, behind them. As one of the few trusted providers of ICO due diligence, the Astronaut platform actually has something to offer investors.

Why is it important

With over 60 new coin offerings every month, it is hard for non-professional investors to make the move. Also, the rate of unfulfilled promises grows. If someone can help them to avoid ICO scam – good! On the other hand, they need to prove themselves and how are they different from yet-another-money-taking-ICO-review-website.

What can we learn from it

  • The second-level ICOs are emerging – so instead of just investing in ICO, you can now invest in ICO of the project for them to tell you which ICO to invest.
  • Everyone needs someone to explain everything to them – crypto market is no exception
  • A question is – how long platforms like Astronaut will stay unbiased, and how soon they decide to capitalize in the most obvious way.

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