How to Make the Most of Twitter and Facebook

How to Make the Most of Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is so old-school. Shall I bother?

The answer is yes. Short messages and verification options make it a platform-of-choice for a number of influencers, journalists and your potential investors.

Got it. So what do I post?

Stick to the 4 key categories: your news, endorsements in press and/or rating/review websites, relevant industry news (don’t forget to tie them to your project) and fun stuff. Yes, memes and gifs never hurt no one on a hard day.

Anything else I can do?

Engage in conversations and look beyond crypto community. Follow tech journalists and influencers – and be the first to answer a question or comment where you have expertise. An effect from a timely comment can equal a week of content efforts.

Are there must-do’s?

Consider those:

@-mention media, journalists, and influencers

Use relevant #-tags – but no more than 2 per post

Post regularly – 3-4 times a day is fine

Add links and pictures – your post will be more visible

Remind of your Twitter feed on other platforms – and vice versa.

Ok, but do I need a Facebook page as well?

If two billion users are not an argument, think of this. Bigger character limit than Twitter. Feedback source through comments and inbox. Post scheduling. Access to Facebook Insights. Photo galleries, carousels and slideshows. Native embeddable videos. Shall we continue?

Fine, I’m in. What do I share?

Basically, anything which proves the hype around your project and industry. In addition to Twitter content, use the space to tell more about your team and advisors, run polls and competitions, ask questions to engage community and go Facebook Live – a nice option if your CEO speaks at the conference, for instance.

How can I reach more?

A big rule of thumb – encourage your team to Like and Share posts regularly and @-mention influencers. That will increase your visibility. If the post is getting good traction, consider Boosting with Ads.

Where do I start?

Even if you’re busy with other stuff (and we bet that with an ICO you are), think about these:

 @-mention media and journalists when reposting press links

 Keep the word count to under 500

 Post regularly – 1-2 times a day

 Add links and pictures – your post will be more visible

 React to inbox messages quickly – that will improve your response rate

 Get rid of spammy comments


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