To make a hit, you need to be all over the place. But – only over the place that works. As soon as one channel hits the target, switch to another one immediately. Time runs against you – move fast!

Which Promo Channels Does Your ICO Need and Why?


OK, let’s not waste time then. Which media do I need?

For promoting an ICO, you need 2 key groups of media outlets:

Business press – those bad boys are crucial for your reputation and impressive landing page. Take the biggest names and pitch until you drop with all you have.

Crypto media are all equally important. Don’t look down to any of them – all crypto websites are visited by your potential investors. But be mindful – you can be featured for free in Forbes, HuffPost or Inc., but never – even in the smallest crypto outlet. Consider ICO listings – both separate ones and within crypto media. If you are not listed, you don’t exist.

And why ICO needs social media?

Social media work well with two activities. First – to create and grow your own channels. Second – to come to the high-profile communities and poach your potential investors.

To poach investors???

Sure. Both 2.0 media like forums, BitcoinTalk, Steemit, Reddit and Medium – and well-familiar Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a good source of quality traffic. Be ready to get comfortable in the new media – all traditional channels are over-stuffed.

Is it easy to find them?

Important thing – not all 2.0 channels have contacts, not everyone will reply, and the rotation is crazy. Update your database regularly – at least once a week – and always look for the new options.

What are the key basics?

 Update your 2.0 database at least once a week

 Cover as many relevant channels as you can. If you have limited resources – prioritise.

 Don’t post anything you don’t want your investor to see. In crypto, potential investors are everywhere.

 Use traditional social media for engaging and creative content – it’s your face for the general public.

Which social media channels you need?

Social media are the bread and butter for ICO. Remember we told you to go into popular social media communities and poach investors? Show them a fast track – share a link to your official page on the same platform. Be where they are.

Which accounts do I need?

Here are a few must-haves:

Bitcointalk. Handle a few threads in your target languages. English – by default.

Telegram. Nice option for user support. Open a few chats in your key languages, and a channel in English for official news.

Medium. Here’s your blogging platform. Take your time to describe your project in details, share expertise and introduce key people.

Twitter. Actively used by investors and journalists.

Facebook. 2B active users and popularity of media content makes it another platform-to-be-on.

Is that all???

Depending on your targets and resources, you can launch channels on Reddit, Steemit and Instagram. Be careful with Slack – scam and phishing live there.


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