ICO Promotion: How to Get the Word Out

How to Get the Word Out

Where do I start?

You might be surprised, but first things first – take a look at your product, team and advisors.

Product idea is a key for successful ICO marketing. Token sale of yet another marketplace and ICO for a new technology platform for cryptofunds have a different appeal. It’s a challenge to grasp all advantages of a new idea (and most of ideas in blockchain are kinda new) from the first sight. To make it crystal clear, talk to investors and advisors at successful projects and listen to their feedback.

Ok. And what about team and advisors?

One right endorsement can define your ICO success. But if Vinny still ignores your email, you have to find your ways around.

Here is a list of must-have competences for your team and advisors:

Experience working for the world-famous brands

Proven track record in successful blockchain projects

International, truly global reputation. Quick win: Asia is a go-to market for crypto.

Professional expertise ad publicity

Should I bring a well-known PR agency or PR specialist onboard?

It may seem like the simplest way to gain publicity. The truth is that it’s a long and not cost-effective path even for a usual startup. ICO should move fast – or die. Keep in mind – you only have 2-3 months to show a $10M+ result.

An agency or a famous PR person might also act too traditionally for a new cryptoworld or spend too much time on self-PR. Old-school tools do not work here.

Fine, and what does work?

You have two ways:

Find or build a less-publicized international PR team of people who are known for solving challenging tasks, able to embrace the experience of successful ICOs, and to hand-pick the best working solutions. They must be able to quickly scale to the new markets, ensure 24/7 support and control over actions in various time zones.

Retain an ICO-specific agency. They don’t need a publicity and sometimes don’t even have a website. Their contacts are spread by a word-of-mouth and their services are not cheap – be ready to pay 2-6% of raised money. Sometimes they a worth the cost. But beware – you might spend $100K and get 3 press releases in 3 months. Oops…

Forget about press release

Press releases are not working for ICOs. Of course, you’ll need some touch-base texts about your launch, achievements and results – mostly, to be on the same page with founders and create a pitching ground. But don’t waste time on press release mailing – there won’t be any viable results.

Practice your storytelling

You have at least two options to get attention of a business media journalist or contributor. First – a founder with a great track record in business. Second – a hefty investment round. If you don’t have any of two, sign up as a contributor and write opinion features for the same business media.

Key takeaways

PR people should not overshadow your project.

Don’t waste time on unnecessary stuff – forget about press releases.

Remember that you need business media only for logos – work towards a few great publications in selected outlets.


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